24 August 2009

Exhibit B

I spun up the fibre club purple cashmere. I love the subtly wavering colours (in between the two photos as usual), but the fibre had somehow got a bit mangled, either in the dyeing process or due to less-than-perfect storage conditions since I got it. It was extremely difficult to draft at first, so I recarded it with hand cards. This made it spinnable, but I don't have fine enough cards to do a good job on cashmere, so it was still a challenge, and the singles were pretty dodgy in places. It came in two seperate bags, so 2-ply was the obvious choice.

I've just finished knitting it up into Yarnharlot's One Row Handspun Scarf, which is waiting to be blocked into readiness for its close-up. This pattern was perfect for the unintentionally irregular yarn, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I'm amused that I've produced something that will be worn to death out of yarn I wasn't thrilled about, while more successful handspun has sat on my shelves for months waiting for an appropriately perfect project. It's nice to have a couple of skeins in reserve for when a knitting treat is called for, like always having a pile of unread books in case of emergency, but I'll have to start using them before it gets cold enough to swaddle one's extremities in exotic fibres.

The loom obsession is only getting worse. I'm leaning toward the 20" Schacht Flip this week ;)


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