18 June 2009

With days to go to the big scary deadline, and an inconveniently unmissable gig to fit in before then, I just couldn't resist plying the pink cashmere I finished spinning last week.

I think this is the happiest I have been with my plying so far. I was afraid I was putting in far too much twist, but cashmere's so short it really needs it, and after some hot soapy abuse it turned out just how I wanted it. As usual, my camera is not cooperating with anything vaguely red. It's actually more salmon and less Barbie.

I fixed my wheel! Finally! I worked out a way to undo my own stupidity. I had not-entirely-intentionally superglued my folding Lendrum upright, and couldn't work out a way to get the acetone which would dissolve the glue behind the wooden knob into the depths of the metal embedded screw. Just a few months of thinking, some cotton wool, nail varnish remover and cursing later, it's all working perfectly and I feel marginally less of an idiot. Yay!


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