06 March 2009


I got a cheap steamer off Ebay for dyeing. The stock pot works fine but I was tempted by the thought of three tiers. I wrapped three damp lumps of carded wool and silk from Wingham in clingfilm, with vinegar and acid dyes inside each parcel, stuck one on each level and steamed them for an hour. It worked OK, though next time I'll turn down the temperature or only do half an hour, as the results seemed a bit overcooked. I made one bit into this woolen-spun, fuzzy two-ply:

I wanted to practice chain-plying, so had a go with the green/blue bit:

I'm not sure how to chain-ply evenly. When I'm plying normally I count the treadles over a particular length of yarn, but when both my hands are moving about to pull each loop through the next I don't have a clear idea how much twist I'm putting in.


Blogger Nikki said...

they're really lovely colours!!!!!

6:05 p.m.  

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