13 January 2009


I got the carders out for the first time in ages last night, and had a go at something intentionally thick and thin for a change. I had some commercially dyed purple merino, some of which I'd already spun into a thin, tightly spun worsted single. I also had a length of merino tops I'd dyed bright orangey red, and another I'd dyed yellow. I love combinations of purple and orange - my friend points out that I should join the Orange Order - so I carded up the red and purple together, and the red and yellow together, and spun a very slubby single alternating them. I plied this with the thin purple single I already had. I love the bubbliness! This picture is from before I dunked it to set the twist, so once it dries it'll probably be a bit more subdued.

I was so chuffed with the colours I carded up the rest in the same way until I ran out of red.

I want to make small amounts of two or three different kinds of yarn from this, so now I'm spinning a more traditional, woolen-spun single, but trying to keep it a bit thicker than i usually spin because I want the colours to show up clearly. I'm not sure how I'll ply it - I may or may not have enough purple merino left. I've got some purple and some orange shiny thread that could work as well.

Yesterday I stumbled into Craftworld and bought various wee beads, bells and so on that might end up being spun into yarn. I've been looking through all the weird bits of sewing stuff I've had in my room since my Granny died, and finally seeing a use for some of the random bits of lace, trimming and fancy buttons. I've just cut the pad of my thumb quite badly on a tin can, though, so there will be an enforced pause in the spinning frenzy, which might be a good thing for my PhD! A classmate always jokes that I'm going to hand in my thesis in knitted form. I can just see my supervisor's stricken face as I proudly hand him a pile of ornate textiles...


Anonymous GaietyGirl said...


I love thick and thin yarn - especially when it has that barberpole effect when it's plied.

3:32 p.m.  

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