07 January 2009


I hereby declare this blog revived. My room is knee-deep in various processes and projects, and I need to keep track of the tides of dye and fibre and yarn on something I can't lose or accidentally put through the wash.

I got the best Christmas present ever this year: a surprise 500g of dehaired cashmere tops in the post. 'Surprise' is an understatement. How the donor, uninitiated in the weird world of fibre, managed to track down the right stuff is a miracle for which I am truly grateful. The stuff is sex in a bag. It's kept me busy ever since.

My resolution for 2009 is one carried over, shamefully, from 2008. I need to get to the bloody spinning guild! Getting to Cultra with my wheel on a bus is impossible (extra impossible since I had a slight mishap with some superglue, of which more later) but I can take a spindle. It's just such a pain in the ass getting about on our craptastic public transport system, which operates on the assumption that all decent people are in bed by nine and there's no call for anyone to go anywhere but their mum's house for lunch and laundry on Sundays. I need to learn from real people though, and that's where they are, so Cultra it is.


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