28 January 2008

Flickr hates me

I finally got a digital camera to replace the one that was burgled in the autumn, so I've been photographing like mad to update my notebook on Ravelry. Flickr, however, has decided it doesn't recognise any of the email addresses I'm aware I have, and since passwords and usernames can be resent or changed, but the tech support people are not going to send out an email address, I have no idea why. Without access to my Flickr account I can't get any pictures on Ravelry, so I'm sticking them on here instead.

I knitted from an actual pattern for once! For the first time since the Broad Street Mittens, in fact. I made the Urchin cap from Knitty, using some wonky old handspun and some gorgeous Colinette mohair. I noticed that all the different colours in these two yarns shaded into each other beautifully, so I held the mohair alongside the handspun during the short row bumpy sections of the hat and used the handspun on its own for the rest of it, including the border. With the pinks and reds it looks more like a sea anemone than a sea urchin, I reckon.

The hat from above and below, and me laughing at the friend I roped in to play photographer. It's hard to explain to a non-knitter why the hat is the focus of the photo, not the person.


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