16 January 2008


After a lot of experimentation, it became clear that the Christmas yarn wanted to be a round, bouncy 3-ply. This was a change from the rather stringy, worsted-ish 2-ply that I'd got used to spinning, and I'm pleased with the result, whose colours, as usual, don't really show in the photos. The fibre is a custom blend of 5 colours (greens and blues) of merino with a shot of white tencel, from Wingham Wool Work. It's begging to be knitted but I've no idea what to make, as the colour is a wee bit too harsh for me to wear near my face without looking both anaemic and jaundiced, which rules out a scarf or hat, at least for myself.

I also rustled up a hot water bottle cover while I was at home for Christmas. This has got plenty of use since, as we're having complicated problems with our oil tank, the simple upshot of which is that it's freezing in the house.


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