10 January 2009

Jammy Divil

Cashmere singles in jammy colours, waiting to be plied:

I'm knitting some SWTC bamboo yarn that's been long-term stash. Looks like some of it will remain so, because the yardage on this stuff is insane. I'm guessing a cardigan will take about 3.5 balls at this rate, and I've got at least eight. The top-down raglan construction from Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top is comfortably familiar, but I'm having a wee wrangle with a lace pattern I want to make spread from the panel down the back.

I'm knitting in odd moments while I should be working, but I can't stop thinking about spinning for a second! Lexi Boeger's Intertwined just arrived in the post and my mind is officially blown. This might explain why my thesis-writing abilities have plummeted over the Christmas break. I've also successfully fixed a wobble in my Lendrum by taking the wheel off and putting it on again, the spinning version of the classic IT tech advice. This makes the wheel extra tempting,as well as giving me a totally unjustified sense of competence.

I'm making a valiant effort to safeguard the future of handspinning-related industries in these doomladen days by spending the grocery money on merino and niddy-noddys. There should be an exciting parcel from Wingham Wool Works in a few days...

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