23 February 2009

Free Wool!

Two friends of my mother live in Donegal, near Kilcarra, where a certain Donegal Tweed is produced. They know that I knit, and by some mysterious means they have presented me with a huge goody bag of factory offcuts. I couldn't believe it when my mother handed it over. It arrived in various enormous balls, many with more than one colour in them, so I unwrapped each one and wound them separately. Thank God I just got a second-hand ball winder, because even with that, it took a while. I'm stunned by all the great colours. There's enough of at least the red, and maybe something else, to make a whole jumper for me, and there's a selection of sizeable bits of all sorts of colours that can be combined. I feel some experimentation coming on. It's all the same weight, aranish.

There is some of it I have to admit I'll never knit, due to my well documented beige-o-phobia, so it's free to whoever wants it. I can bring it to Stitch n Bitch on Wednesday if anyone's interested. It's really nice stuff, with subtle little flecks, but it would have a better home with someone whose taste runs more to Mason-Dixon Knitting and less towards Coco the Clown. There's a full carrier bag of it, in a brownish khaki, a couple of shades of grey, cream and a wee totey bit of black. There are quite a lot of joins in it, as these are remnants, but they're easily joined with a spit splice since it's wool.

Any takers?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Siun, if you're sure you want to give away those colours you don't want, I would love to take them off your hands...would that be ok?

That is an amazing haul, donegal tweedy stuff is amazing :)


4:44 a.m.  
Blogger Dulcinea said...

Brilliant! I could give them to Anna to take down next time she's going to Rostrevor, if that suits :) xx

9:33 a.m.  

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