29 March 2009

Fyberspates mohair, roving to singles

The March installment of the Fyberspates luxury fibre club was soft, soft mohair. Jen generously doubled up the quantity because it was posted a bit late, which meant 200g of gorgeousness arrived.

I'd never spun mohair before, apart from a few locks I experimented with fairly unsuccessfully ages ago. This stuff felt much less stiff, and after trying out a few samples I ended up spinning it with a short forward draw, letting the twist into the drafting area, which makes it...consults Judith McKenzie McCuin...semi-woolen. This meant making a weird rolling motion with my thumb and forefinger every time I treadled, which was great fun for the first 150gm or so. After that, the appeal of longdraw became irritatingly apparent. It was a lovely spin overall, though, because the fibre felt great and the colour changes were hypnotic. The colours were far more delicate than anything I would have picked myself, but to my surprise, I fell in obsessive love with them as I spun. This is evident from the ridiculous number of pictures I took of this yarn at all stages. Here is a small selection of the 'singles' pictures:


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