18 March 2009

Perfect knitting bag for £7.99!

A couple of friends and I spent last Friday evening in IKEA. No amount of trolley-related humour could conceal how very, very old this made us feel. It was well worth the doomladen sense of approaching middle age, though, because I left with not only bedclothes even brighter than the last ones, a feat I'd thought impossible (They burn the early morning eyes! I love them!), but also my perfect knitting bag. It's a rigid thing presumably meant for cosmetics:

...and it has not only wee pockets...

...but elastic bits for needles! I might tack some of them down to make narrower loops for straights.

It's just the right size for a couple of skeins plus a small to medium project, and is hard enough to keep your work unsquished.


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