15 June 2009

Any excuse!

I'm going to do the Tour de Fleece this year, to move some of the spinning stash into the knitting stash and try out some new things. I want to experiment with cabled yarn, coils, corespun and general tomfoolery, but I have a hunch I'll revert to fingering weight 2 or 3 ply as soon as my mind wanders.

Knitting-wise, I'm doing another uncharacteristic gift project. Its uncharacteristic-ness is probably why it's taking so long. It's blue and yellow and fine, but not quite my cup of tea, and I'm just not good at knitting things I don't urgently want. Especially as my whole thesis needs to be drafted by a date so close that I won't even type it because seeing it written down gives me the screaming abdabs. Whimper.

I am being tormented by thoughts of a second spinning wheel. I chose the Lendrum three years ago mainly because it seemed versatile enough to do just about anything, so that I'd never need another wheel. That's pretty much true, but I didn't realise then how much I would want one. Imagine being able to have two projects on the go at once, without messing about with bobbins and fliers all the time! Surely a wee secondhand something or other wouldn't hurt?


Blogger Bionic Laura said...

The tour de fleece sounds insanely brilliant. I'd join if I wasn't away on holidays during the tour. Though I will have the drop spindle with me...

Best of luck with it, can't wait to see what you come up with.

8:07 p.m.  

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