02 June 2009

Tons of fibre, too little time

This month's utterly fabulous Fyberspates fibre club arrived today, 'Scrumptious' merino/silk seen above on the left, beside the last two months' packages, space dyed silk and cashmere. All so gorgeous that I can't bring myself to spin any of them until I can really sit and spin all day. I love this club so much!

It's been startlingly good weather here (Sunshine! For several whole consecutive days!) which is worse than wasted on me. I've been trapped indoors by my urgent need to spend 16 hours a day fretting about my PhD, interspersed with a few moments' meaningful work on it. I've also, typically, come out in a fairly unsightly and extremely beeping irritating rash all over my face and neck, which means avoiding sunlight and waiting patiently for it to go away until next time I come into contact with whatever of the million possible substances set it off. In short, I'm in a foul mood. So I've been dyeing.

Above: 100g humbug Shetland, dyed in plain red, to give a marled effect.
Below: the same Shetland, stuck in the leftover dye stock with some blue mixed in.

This is some of the wonderful cashmere I got for Christmas, which I recklessly stuck in the third-hand leftover dyestock. (It is Make Do and Mend season, after all!) I'm delighted with the coral colour it turned out, a serendipitous surprise.

Finished the plain socks, with wedge toes, flap heels, and picot bind-off.


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