18 August 2009


I've been knitting and spinning my arse off, but without much in the way of documentation. I just can't seem to get a camera, batteries, natural light and yarniness in the same place at the same time. Two developments need recording, however:

* I am never knitting anything for anyone else ever again (with exceptions for babies and unsolicited surprises - and one unwisely promised pair of socks). I am reaffirming my Selfish Knitter status because an uncharacteristic run of knitting stuff for other people (from patterns!) has given me a chilling glimpse of what it would be like to be put off knitting completely. I'm a messer, not a planner, and I need a bit of greed and a lot of curiosity to get me going.

* It's finally happened. I was pottering about on Ebay the other day, and found myself idly looking at looms. This led to a little foray into the rigid heddle group on Ravelry, and the gradual admission that I would like to learn to weave. I suspected this would happen one day but I never had the slightest interest before - it's like some crafty version of the fabled biological clock. The Ashford Knitters' Loom looks like somewhere to start. Santa Claus might chip in...


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