24 August 2009

Exhibit A

I gave up on locating my charger and bought bad batteries to produce some evidence of stuff being made into other stuff.

I bought some Posy Toes Bamboo Sock fibre from a fellow Raveller. It was exactly my colours in person, deep blue and green and magenta-ish purple. It came in three identical batts, perfect for 3-ply. This is one of them:

I tried a fractal-ish technique, spinning one single with short colour repeats and two with long ones. When I plied them together it was obvious that it would take much more exact spinning than mine to make a perfect repeating pattern this way in a 3-ply, but I love the way it turned out. It's nice round solid yarn, and too pretty to be worn out by my feet, so I think it will end up as fingerless gloves eventually.


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