09 February 2007

Dye Happy

I have roving dyed in my kitchen that doesn't look too mangled, and a digital camera that works! My cup runneth over.

This is some of the Bluefaced Leicester I got for Christmas, after some encounters with Jacquard acid dyes. There's 45gm of the first one, which came out in colours I didn't mean to use at all, but I like surprises! I doubt I'll ever know enough about dyeing to get more than semi-predictable results, but seeing how it comes out is the most exciting part so I'm happy to muddle along serendipitously.

There's 95gm of this one, which is beautiful. I have to put it somewhere out of the way before I pet it to death. The greens are stronger and bluer than in the photo. I can't wait to spin it, but I don't want to start it until the Bosworth arrives. I might ply it with a plain purple single.
By the time the Bosworth gets here, something even more exciting might have arrived. I did it...I ordered a Lendrum. As soon as a long, inefficient chain of postal fairies do their mysterious work, which may take months, I will have a wheel. Right now, I just have the fast flyer that goes with it, sitting on my desk looking enticing.



Blogger Lexy Girl said...

heh, enjoy your day off with Lime and Violet!

I wish I had the day off...

7:00 p.m.  

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