27 November 2006

Blue sky in the morning, knitter's warning

This morning I can see some pale, misty blue in the sky. After last week this is cause for leaping out the door singing 'The Sun Has Got His Hat On', which I will be doing as soon as I've dealt with this very important business, the uploading of fuzzy knitting pictures. The weather has been so dull around here that I don't want to emphasise 'dull' by italicizing it or putting it in bold because that would be too exhilarating. I don't mind storms and lashing rain for weeks on end: that's fun to walk in and leads to all indoor spaces smelling of wet tent, the ultimate childhood smell for me. What I really hate is the feeling of spending your life inside a gigantic upended Tupperware box, with the sky about six inches above your head and dusky at noon. This meteorological rant is not just my way of howling at the gods, it's also my way of explaining my recent knitting exploits. I am craving colour even more than, in our freezing flat, I am craving heat. So it's a pity that my camera is not as keen on the eye-poppingly orange cardigan I am knitting as I am, though I don't blame it. In real life, this thing is so orange I don't know if I'll be able to wear it without first alerting my local fire station.

It's in a shade of the sadly discontinued (why?) Rowan Cotton Tape called Sun Burst, and already small nearby items are being pulled into its orbit.

I used a cable rib design, with two of the cables continuing up the middle to become the button band. The buttonholes are hidden within the twists of one of the cables. I am so impressed with myself for figuring out how to do this (I know it's probably well documented somewhere but I love working stuff out for myself) that I don't even mind that I suspect I put the buttonholes on the wrong - ok, unconventional - side.

I finished the purple scarf to go with the paws, and though it's not exactly photogenic I love it. It's about the easiest, fastest thing you could knit but it's something I use and enjoy every day. The reason it's so hard to photograph is that it's massive, hugely stretchy and uncontrollably bouncy. This makes it an excellent scarf/shawl/blanket/pillow, and I'm sure I'll find more uses for it in time. It's very soft and very, very purple.

Purse stitch: p1 * yf, p2tog, rep from * to last st, p1


Blogger Divine Bird said...

That orange is fabu!! Why does it seem that every time you find a wonderful color, THAT is the one the company discontinues??

I saw your comment on my blog, and thought I'd drop by to say hi. :) You have some lovely things here.

Not sure if you've tried it, but check on LiveJournal for a community called spinningfiber. I highly recommend them for the wealth of experience they contain. :) Thank you for visiting me--I hope my tips helped you! :D

2:47 p.m.  

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